Technology in Education

In today’s world, technology has created a great impact among the students. Even small kids know how to operate technological devices and they are smarter than the adults. Children spend most of their time in playing games in mobile and are more addicted to the Internet. They prefer visuals than hearing to the verbal lecture. Hence many schools across the globe have introduced smart classrooms and interactive classrooms.

Numerous education portals, education websites and education apps have been developed to create a technological bond between students, teachers and parents. Technology has brought in a drastic change in the field of education. Interactive text books, e-books, web based tools and voice recognition software are the effective tools that are used for teaching and learning.


In UK, many schools have made design and technology programs as a part of curriculum for developing the problem solving skills and improving creativity of children. Students prefer mobile, laptop, Internet, videos and social media for clarifying their doubts and for performing their tasks. Online education is framed with the motive to break the skill gap and thus has gained attention of the students worldwide.

Adaptive learning, virtual classroom, Massive Open Online Course(MOOC), synchronous learning, asynchronous learning, blended learning, flipped classroom, self-directed learning,  learning management system, cloud based learning, mobile learning, course management system, e-learning and Gamification are the technological concepts that teachers need to know for training students of this generation.


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  1. Thanks for the post. This is all truth – we live in an era of technology and it seems to be spreading on each of our lives’ aspects including education. Blended learning and e-learning are the directions we’re heading towards weather we want to or not. One day they’ll become standards and the ‘one day’ will come soon.


  2. Avanthika says:

    In this modern era, it is no wonder how technology has been playing a major role in education. It leads to modern teaching which makes the student to have more interest in learning.


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