What is the purpose of Education?


We all came across the education sector in our life. We are in need of the education to strive in our life. The main focus of life is the education. There is a saying that “you need to get a good education so you can get a good job.”


What is the purpose of education?

The purpose of education is that the person recognizes their individuality .Being regular to the schools and colleges, you should know the real purpose of education.

Why parents think education is mandatory to their kids?

What motivates the student to study?

The answer comes here with a note that the purpose of education is to enable a man or woman to have a desired and complete life. The education is a valuable ingredient that adds value to your life.

There is a familiar theme “knowledge is power”. You can master yourself with the powerful knowledge skills and abilities.

All of the ideas stated above show that the purpose of education is to enhance the men or women to lead a better life. To be clear, education creates an opportunity to earn more and have a wealthy life.

In a speech, Machen stated, “the aim of education is not to conform human beings to some fixed standard, but to preserve individuality, to keep human beings as much unlike one another in certain spheres as they possibly can be.”

The education goes beyond the facts of learning, practicing and earning ofcourse. In a deeper note, education is about living and travelling with education.


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