Does education lift your career?


I would say education is not the only way to succeed in your career.

How many are willing to accept this statement?


You will accept this if you have experienced trouble while getting a job after completion of your studies. But many students believe that education will give more chances to get a job. It’s time for them to realize that it is not so. I am not threatening you but trying to make you understand the things necessary for developing your skills to match the requirements of companies apart from education.

Now we will discuss about education and the things that are essential for boosting your career.

Marks and grades obtained in graduation is not enough for obtaining the career you desire. You need to develop soft skills, communication skills and interpersonal skills in order to make your survival in this competitive world. Learn new things day by day and update yourself in accordance to the changing world. Analyze what are the requirements of the companies and hiring professionals.

It is the utmost responsibility of institutions to prepare students for career and give more importance to practical learning. Educators should develop a link with the employers to know about the ways to prepare their students for better career. Employers can be made to interact with the students and they also can tell their expectations from the candidates they recruit.

Career readiness is important for each and every student. It means developing learning skills, workplace skills, technical skills and practical knowledge. Gain real world experience before completing your graduation. Make self – assessment to check whether you are ready to take up a career.

It’s obvious that Education is the base of your knowledge but don’t rely only on it. In addition to education develop these skills for the upliftment of your career.

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  1. Knowledge is one thing and experience is another one – ideally when combined. On the other hand I think everyone who wants to self-develop should have a habit of constant learning from almost everywhere. Each thing we’re doing can bring us some experience and knowledge about a particular issue.


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