Tips for Exam Preparation


For children, exam is said to be the most terrible part of their life. Every child has exam fear whether an outstanding or a mediocre is or a slow learner. All work hard to get good marks where some outperforms and some despite of hard work scores less marks. So were these hard workers lack? What to do in order to secure good scores in exams?


Here are some tips, hope this will help you for good preparation and enable you to score high marks in examinations….

For securing good marks in exams,start your preparation from the first day itself. It gives you deep understanding of subject and helps you to get rid of exam fear. Regular studies help you to get involved in your studies and enable you to focus on your preparation. Before starting your preparation make sure you have all materials and schedule accordingly.

Don’t burden yourself while preparing for exams. Revise your previous assignments and notes and do practice on old model question papers. Despite of wasting your time on reading vast syllabus go through the previous year’s question paper that gives you an idea on question pattern and also help you in completing exam on time.

While preparation if you get tired or feel that the subject is boring you can switch over to other subject or take some interval. Don’t stress yourself, take break in-between to get refresh and prefer to study early morning and fresh evening. During lunch time take rest and spend some time on writing. This will enhance your writing skill along with the speed.

Give importance to neat presentation as itgives you more scope for scoring high marks. Above all take care of your health while exam preparation. So take healthy food and proper sleep for exceptional performance.


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