Does Knowledge Have Power?

Knowledge is something that we gain from our experience and learning. It gives us under standing on particular things and situations. In my perspective, knowledge itself is a power as it helps us to improve our competence for future success and is one such tool that can’t be lost or stolen. So it’s quite obvious that ‘Knowledge Is Power’.

Knowledge is very powerful tool that teach us the right direction and help us to face the difficulties courageously. Knowledgeable people are well recognized and respected in the society. It is only because of knowledge today we are leading a sophisticated life in this world. New inventions are emerging day by day giving unique identity to inventors and this proves knowledge is must for power.


Knowledge is the greatest wealth that we have. Fame and money are not constant as that of our knowledge.

There is no boundary for Knowledge, it is infinite…..

Knowledge is learned and experienced throughout our life and it gives confidence and power for successful journey. Storing knowledge within our self is of no use unless or until it is shared among others.

To have authority we should have knowledge. Higher the knowledge higher will be the power and confidence. It makes you happy and takes you towards your destination. Knowledge gives us more opportunity and limitless power to lead life happily. So make effective use of your knowledge for growth and prosperity.


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