How to overcome inferiority complex?

When we compare ourselves with others and feel that they are doing better than us or good than us then there arises the inferiority complex. You should be very careful while dealing with this as it will give you a negative result if you try to hide that. Some people try to pretend as if they are superior in order to overcome this complex. But this will not work until you find the way to get rid of it.

Find the reason for your inferiority complex it may be due to the way the parents, and society treat you or it may be because of your physical defects. The main thing you need to keep in your mind is that everyone is inferior to other in some way, has different capabilities and your defects are not that much bad as you think. Be thankful for what you have and don’t allow it to affect you.


Avoid negative talks and people who de-motivate you as it would make you to feel inferior but you can accept constructive criticism. To overcome inferiority complex all you need to do is to think positively, build self confidence, interact freely with others, move with people having positive thoughts, improve your abilities, fix positive self image and volunteer yourself.

Last but not the least love yourself whole heartedly if you do so you will never feel that you are inferior. Appreciate your achievements, work on your strengths and motivate yourself. If you follow these guidelines you can overcome inferiority complex and lead your life confidently.


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