Give Freedom to Children

Today, parents are much concerned about their children career so they enforce pressure on them. Freedom isessential to all individual irrespective of age but parents don’t give that freedom to their children. They feel that giving much freedom may spoil their future and behavior. This is the reason why many parents want to have control over their child’s activity and life.

But is that a right way to guide?If you ask me I’ll say ‘NO’!!! As this will make them feel stressed and unhappy. Parents should allow and encourage their children to think and do things on their own. It doesn’t mean that parents can give over freedom to their children, the thing here is they can monitor and support their child’s decision instead of imposing conditions and control over them.


Allow children to choose their desired field and never force them to go with your wishes. Listen to their views and give your feedback instead of forcing them to follow your instructions. Let them make their own life decision and gain practical experience. Giving freedom enable parents to know their child’s likes and dislikes and develops a strong bond. But make your child know their freedom limits and act accordingly.

Don’t burden children with studies alone, allow them to go for play and have some recreations for relaxation and also for healthy and entertaining life.


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