Make your Children innovators

In order to construct our economy, strengthen our democracy, solve big problems, find new things and pursue new opportunities this creative world seeks innovators. Do you think the world needs creative minds? Do you want your children to become innovators? Then it’s your responsibility to find and develop creative skills in your children.

You would have come across the saying “While children are studying to be unique, the world around them is trying by all means to make them like everybody else” said by our former President APJ Abdul Kalam. Keep this in mind when you are bringing up your children. Each child has a passion towards something as parents you need to analyze their passion and encourage them to follow it.


Never ever force your unrealized dreams that you are unable to achieve on your children. Innovators don’t have fear to do something new, they have a deep desire to achieve the same and will not give up until they get the positive result out of it. If you want your children to be one among them then give your support, spend your valuable time for them, motivate their imagination skills and create a right environment for them.

I would like to add some tips for making your children great innovators. Make your child to learn with fun and not with fear. Develop curiosity and eagerness to learn more by making them to connect with multiple things. Help them to link their passion from where they are now to the success path. Make them know the purpose of doing it as they will look for solving it soon. Allow them to create and assist them rather than managing them while they are creating.

Stand by the side of your children. If you follow these steps your children will become a great innovator the world needs.


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