Ways to teach diverse students

Each and every student is different in nature, have varied capability, come from different culture and speak different language. So, what can be done by an educator to teach them? How a teacher should approach students? These are the questions that arise in our mind while we speak about the diverse learners.

In this situation, teachers have to analyze the students individually to find the out the differences, acknowledge the difference in a positive way, maintain core relationship with them and teach them accordingly. When a task is assigned to the students it is the responsibility of a teacher to focus on their learning style and behavior, observe them and help them to do the work.


Interacting with the students freely will enable the teacher to know about the strength, weakness, aspirations, needs and the difficulties faced by them in learning. When a teacher gives instruction in classroom he/she should keep all students in mind. Students those who are supported, cared and motivated by their teachers will succeed both in their academic and life.

Teachers have to treat students equally without any bias, give opportunity to all students, should not show favoritism to specific students, should never under estimate capability of any student, have to set realistic expectations on students make them to believe that they can do that and help them to achieve the same.  When teachers follow these steps they can teach diverse students easily.


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