How to Empower Children in the Digital World

In this technological world everything has gone digital and people are much exposed to its usage irrespective of the age groups. Today it is quite essential for everyone to know the potential of the technologies and its fair usage for succeeding in life. What are the things we need to focus for empowering children? Is it essential to empower them?

Empowering children towards digital usage is imperative and it is our responsibility to educate the children about the effective usage of digital technologies and their limit towards its accessibility. We should teach them the basic skills and information on digital usage indicating its benefits and risk we face out of it. Encourage and appreciate children to move with the technology and make them digitally literate.


Schools also play vital role in empowering children towards digital phase. It should also make effective use of smart devices for taking sessions and allow students to interact and share their views with friends and tutors via the digital mode for much enhanced learning. Give more scope for practical sessions and teach them the new tools and platforms that are available for doing some innovative things.

Take children achievement to the view and knowledge of large audience by sharing their work in social networks as this motivates and persuade them to do and achieve more on this platform. Allow them to do their study conversations online as all this bring progress and enrich their skill for effective digital handling.


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