Teachers are our life changers

Every student would have a teacher as their role model who is behind their success and inspired them. Teachers have not only taught us the subject matter but also the lessons of life. Patience, commitment, inspiration, care and dedication are the qualities of a good teacher. Students will remember the teachers who have shaped them and created an impact in their life.

When a teacher engages and move friendly with the students in classroom they will be more involved. Students watch the ways of teachers and learn from their ability and commitment. Teachers will illustrate students the way to become independent and develop social relationship. For getting guidance and suggestion students seek the help of teachers.


Once our beloved Former President Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam said, “teacher is a beacon light that acts as a lighthouse to guide the stranded students in the sea of life”. For achieving overall development of Children, Teachers have to be a role model in their life by setting a positive example in classroom, valuing their views, guiding them and motivating the students to be engaged.

A good teacher creates a wonderful classroom environment, listens to the ideas of students, treats them equally, be accessible to the students, encourage team work, appreciate creativeness and teach effectively. Many people those who are in a good position today will have been influenced by a great teacher. So, I would conclude by saying “teachers are our life changers”.

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