Need for music classes in school

Many will have the interest to sing and play musical instruments which led to the introduction of music education. As music has created impact on people they prefer to hear songs and music even while walking, studying, cooking and working. It is important for schools to encourage their students in attending musical classes.

Some teachers and parents think that it is not necessary in schools as they want the children to study and develop their skills but it is not so. Learning subjects alone will not give better results rather participating in music classes will enable them to learn peacefully and happily. Keep in mind that music enhances the brain function and improves memory power.


When students participate in music classes and play instruments they can develop their academic, social, auditory, critical thinking, problem solving, creative and leadership skills.

Music education enables the students to be engaged in studies, encourages team coordination, builds self esteem, teaches discipline, motivates them to achieve challenges and enhances imagination of students. If students involve themselves in learning musical instruments they will avoid destructive habits.

Hope now you have understood the importance of conducting music classes in school. If your school does not have music education then you are losing something. Parents can encourage their children to take part in music classes and learn to play the instrument they love. If you are student then learn to play an instrument.

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