Tips to improve your Body Language

Body language is something that is conveyed through gestures instead of verbal communication. In today’s busy world people find it easy to express their feeling through gestures than speaking. We use body languages in our day to day life while interacting with others for expressing our views. It enable one to read another person’s emotions and feelings accurately and is also the best way to pass the confidential information.

Just by observing one’s body language we can realize what he is thinking or wants to say. Body language includes all gestures like eye movement, facial expressions and other signals for conveying message. When we pass the information with gesture it will have more impact than the normal discussion.  It plays vital role in communicating with people and help us to evaluate their expression on our speech.


Pleasant face, eye contact, confident attitude are considered as some positive signs. Each and every movement convey message, so we have to be very careful with our movements. We can judge people based on their body language. Aggressive people give aggressive gestures, stare, show over firmness whereas nervous people bite their nail, no confidence and avoid eye contact.

When the person is interested then they will be very active, listen, have eye contact and if the person is not interested then their activities will be like looking around the room, watch time, yawn and disturb others. Thus, one must know and develop knowledge on the above said aspects for getting good impression and in many ways it helps you to succeed in your personal and professional life.


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  1. Shalini says:

    It’s quite true that gesture gets more attention than conversation and determine our personality. Enjoyed reading, thanks for sharing.


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