Global Warming

Global warming is a big issue that we are facing today. The earth surface is becoming hot and hot making it difficult for humans to make their living on earth. Can anyone guess what would be the reason behind? If we don’t find any measures to overcome the situation then it will have worst impact on human life.

The main reason behind globe warming is human and their approach towards the nature. It is expected that in years to come the situation will go more worst impacting human life adversely. Global warming is caused due to the increasing level of carbon dioxide gas and other gases on the earth environment. It is only because of global warming we face uncertain natural calamities like flood, drought, rise in sea level, changes in weather patterns, cyclone, storms and much more.

global-warming (2)

How the level of carbon dioxide increases? Does it increase automatically? The answer is No, it increases due to activities like deforestation, burning of fossil fuels, Industrial disposals, use of coal, oil, gas, fertilizer, unnecessary use of electricity etc.. If all these activities continue to exist then it would be difficult for mankind to further make their life existence in this planet.

So, how to control this issue? To get rid of the situation first we should make people aware of this concept, educate them about its cause and impact and ask them to go for planting trees, use less electricity and stop all other activities that leads to globe warm. Involving our self in these activities will reduce the impact of global warming for better living in the planet.


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