Importance of Agriculture Education

Agriculture has become a hot topic today as all have realized its importance. We only keep on talking about its importance but what we need to do actually is to take steps to boost up the agriculture industry. Agriculture is considered as the backbone of India but with the technology advancement and real estate markets our nation stands without its backbone now.

Do you think that only a farmer has to do agriculture? If it is so then remember that your generation will face food scarcity. A nation that fed other nations will have to beg from others. Whatever job you are into and which subject you are learning doesn’t matter you can take the measures to improve our agriculture. Your single step will create a change.


Many people in the rural area depend on agriculture for their livelihood. They do this as per the guidance they have got from their ancestors. We have many resources to learn about agriculture make use of that. Don’t waste even a piece of land grow the crops and plant trees. If you are working somewhere instead of enjoying in parties, make your leisure time and weekends to do agriculture.

Create awareness and teach children about the importance of agriculture education which will inspire them to choose their career in this field like they opt for medical, engineering and other studies. Conduct sessions in schools and colleges depicting the need for agriculturalists in today’s world. It’s our duty to make our nation a green world.

Constructing buildings covering all lands will only destroy the green environment. So, I invite you all to come back and renew agriculture for the welfare of our future generation.


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