Digital Citizenship

Under digital citizenship parents and teachers educate their children and students on proper and effective usage of technology.  It covers many aspects like online guidelines, basics in technology, safety measures and all other concepts relating to technology. The main purpose behind the digital citizenship is to teach children about the pros and cons of technology while its usage.

Just like a good citizen we should be good in handling technology. Technology being everywhere makes it essential for us to have knowledge on digital citizenship as along with the basic online knowledge it also equips children to face the challenges in the digital world. Children should know and learn to make their conversation safe online. So they should develop good knowledge on digital accessibility.


Today, starting from our basic to luxurious need everything is available online. In such case children should be awareof its process and the risk involved in it. They should get the review and guidance from the experienced people and make purchase safely online. Similarly while chatting and texting online make careful conversation as it can be traced and sometime it will put you in trouble. Expand your learning on digital studies and enrich your skill on its usage.

The young generation should know the digital etiquette and respond accordingly online. They should know its rights and responsibilities, impact on health and safety precautions to get ridof the difficult situations. Digital citizenship is must as it enables children and students to know the current digital situation and safeguard themselves against the digital risk.


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  1. Shalini says:

    Good concept that guide children on proper and safe online usage by enriching their knowledge.


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