How to dress for an interview?

Dressing code plays a vital role in boosting up your personality and image while you attend the interview.

What kind of costumes one can wear for an interview?

Is there any specific dress for men and women to wear in an interview?


There is saying “First impression is the best impression” as it will attract the interviewer. Your way of dressing gives a good look, supports your personality, creates a positive impact and helps them to judge you. Neat professional attire shows how smart you are and only after that come the other things.

Before choosing dresses that you are going to wear know about the suitable interview outfits that are preferred by the company. Wear clean, pleasant color and ironed clothes that fit you properly. Groom yourself neatly, avoid using strong perfumes, don’t wear attractive jewels and carry smart accessories.

Men are expected to wear light colored full hand shirt, black or brown colored suit, tie, belt and polished leather shoes with dark color shocks. Avoid wearing jewels, have a professional hairstyle, trim nails, shave properly and carry a briefcase along with you.

The dressing code for women varies according to the country. If they are supposed to wear western customers they can opt for light colored blouse with dark color formal pants or knee level skirts. In India they can wear plain cotton salwar kameez or sarees without much designs and workings.


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  1. Jayanthi says:

    The article was very useful for me and I learned how to dress formally and how to choose the colors while attending the interview.


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