Importance of Internship programmes

Most of the colleges have internships in their curriculum in order to make the students know about the working atmosphere practically. Colleges have understood the importance but many students take this internship period lightly and do things lethargically. Internships will add more value to your resume while you search for a job after graduation. It is also considered as the student’s first real time experience in a company.


My question:-

“To Students,

Do you consider internships important?

To Educators,

Are you making your students aware of the importance of Internship programmes?”

Internship is the first experience for the students in which they learn their role, skills needed and know whether they are comfortable to perform the job in an organization. Colleges must be concerned about the internship programmes by giving guidance to carry out their internships. They also have to make the students aware of their desired job’s profile by inviting employers and asking them to tell about expectations of the corporate world.

As practical learning is effective than academic education understand its importance and work accordingly. Do perfect research on the organization before entering inside and make your internship effective by learning new things. Companies look for skilled persons who can start working immediately so expose your talents during internships which may be chance for you to be recruited by them for full time work.

Hope you have understood the importance of Internship programmes. Go and shine in the corporate world as a fresher.
All the best!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Ragavi says:

    College education give you a degree were as internship programmes give and get practical exposure to real life work environment. Interesting post stating its importance.


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