Life is Nothing without Education

Life is incomplete without education. Today in this competitive world it is even more complicated to lead a life without education. Education is a gifted tool to mankind for upgrading their knowledge and life style. It is one such thing that gives us basic knowledge, teach good mannerisms and help us to differentiate things for taking wise decision.

Education is essential for success. It is as important as our life as it helps us to overcome all the obstacles in our life and gives the power to do things confidently. It plays major role in everyone’s one in developing one’s knowledge, skill and personality.


Education is our basic right that we should entitle to have from childhood. Quality education is must as it gives huge opportunities for better living and supports our nation’s prosperity. People today have realized the need for education but still there are some villages where children are not send to school.

We should create education awareness in such villages as without education it would be difficult for us to develop a good nation. Life becomes tough without education so in order to lead happy and prosperous life ahead we need education.


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  1. Jayanthi says:

    We cant imagine a life without education. Education plays a vital role in everyone’s life. As basic education teaches how to behave, how to react to certain situation, how to speak with others, how to respect others. In today’s world especially girls should have education and live life peacefully and with confidence.


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