Tips to be Active in Classroom

Active students are admired by the teachers and they are given high priority than the inactive students. They can grasp things easily, learn faster and they will listen to the class carefully and involve themselves in all classroom activities. Do you like to be an active student in your classroom? Then all you have to do is to participate in all activities without hesitation. By being the best and active student you can capture the mind of teachers and shine in your studies.

Prepare your mind and body ready to learn new things by relaxing yourself. Pay attention to the teacher while she is teaching the lessons and take notes. Choose the learning style that suits you and start studying the same way. Do your home work, assignments and read the lessons that were taught to you on the previous day. Search for different sources and make learning more effective. This will help you to come prepared for class on the next day and interact actively in classroom.


Give respect to the teachers, talk politely and be punctual to the class. Volunteer yourself by sitting in the front row of your classroom and express your thoughts with confidence. Ask questions related to the topic that is discussed in the class by doing so you will gain good knowledge. You can also ask for guidance and help from the teachers which enables them to know what you have understood form their teaching. You also have to help your teachers and classmates in certain aspects.

Answer the questions asked by the teacher in the class as per your understanding without worrying whether it is right or wrong. Mistakes are stepping stones from which we can learn so don’t fear about criticism made on you when you answer wrongly. When the opinion you have said is disagreed by the class react positively and say them that I have just shared opinion in my point of you. Classroom is the best platform to exchange thoughts and ideas with each other.

Last but not the least be yourself never change yourself and pretend someone for the sake of others. Be cool, energetic and make learning in classroom fun. This is how you can make yourself active in class.


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  1. Jayanthi says:

    First we have to like the subjects then we feel interesting and we would like to be active in that class and perform well in that subjects.


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