Importance of Craft Class

Everyone have some liking for craft work. It is something that entertains and involves us to do creative things. But in this growing internet world every things is digitized. We spend much of our time in front of computers and have forgotten these fun giving activities. Generally, children like to do craft work but unfortunately today they are spending their leisure time in playing video games and accessing mobile phones.

Today even schools are not giving importance to the craft works. At least school should consider craft and give priority for its study. The craft works should be taught to children at their early age itself as it will reach them effectively and have good impact. Engaging children in this kind of activities give them new exposure and learning along with excitement towards the craft session.


Teaching crafts in school not only boost the interest of children towards such activity but also enhances their skills and help towards its development. First and foremost it improves their thinking ability as there is no prescribed format in craft work so they think differently can choose their own ways to get unique craftwork. This activity improves child’s imagination as they get exposed to new and exclusive craft work which in turn enriches their creativity.

Apart from these skills children learn to be cooperative, gain self confidence, build patience and are flexible with the circumstances. They think and view circumstances with different perspective. Concentrating on academic side only improves child’s subject knowledge where as these crafts works give them pleasure and happiness all through their life. Above all teaching craft to children gives them endless opportunities and have huge scope in future.


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