Bookish knowledge is not enough for Education

Education along with academic knowledge give us wide learning for our life. It is only through education we lead a civilized life. Education is just the base to our learning and there is no end to learning, as we learn till we lead a life in this world. But applying those learning smartly in the actual life is where the true learning lies. There is a saying that ‘More you learn the more you Grow’ and is quite fact as education is one such power tool that uplift our life and get all prosperity.

Bookish knowledge is not enough for Education

Education is really a means to discover new things which we don’t know and enable us to develop our knowledge towards it. To lead a full fledged life, academic knowledge alone is not that sufficient; we need some exposure and practical knowledge towards our learning. We should give some space to children to be creative in their education and led them to think on their own. It opens the way for children to think out of box and come up with some new ideas and innovations.

Education is far more than bookish knowledge, as it is mainly meant for our basic development. It teaches us the moral values of life and enables us to differentiate between good and bad. As per my point of view I would say both theoretical and practical knowledge is must to excel in a particular field. We can’t simply say that theory is not essential, even if you have good practical exposure the theory aspect further enhances the quality of work. So it’s better to have both theory and practical knowledge to derive the utmost benefit.

Both are quite inter related, learning without any one of these knowledge may result adverse. Education goes beyond books and teaches many realities for the betterment of our life.


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