Statement of purpose for abroad studies


Before knowing Statement of Purpose (SOP) for abroad studies, it is essential to know what SOP exactly means. Statement of purpose is a document or application prepared by students in order to apply for a graduation programme. It can be termed as application essay, objectives for graduate study, personal background or cover Letter. Most probably it is important for the students applying for foreign universities.

Statement of purpose is a medium through which you can introduce yourself, explain your academic records, talents, professional interests & extracurricular activities and expose your thirst for attaining knowledge to the admission committee. Universities and colleges use this for testing the interest of the applicants towards the programme, analyzing their capability for the successful completion of programme and knowing their contribution to the Institute.

For preparing a perfect SOP you need time, attention and patience. It has another term as personal statement so write SOP on your own never ask others to write for you. Applicant must portray clearly about the purpose which includes their career aspirations and reason for choosing the particular institute. You have to depict the passion for the field that you have chosen by exposing the preparation you have done for the same.

As statement of purpose helps the institute to know the purpose, expectations and personality of the student, you have to explain these things clearly. Visit the website, know more about the programme, research opportunities & professors and mention those things in SOP. Avoid spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, make it precise, use short sentence, write SOP in 1st person, use simple English and end it with a positive statement.

Make the admission committee to think that you are the right person to be selected. Hope you have understood how to write a statement of purpose for abroad studies. Wish you to get admission in your desired institute.


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