Tips for Public Exam


The public exams are getting nearer and nearer and the pulse rates of the students are going higher and higher. Stay cool!!! The public exams are not a devil or a miscellaneous which threatens you like something.

Let’s see some interesting facts that really works and it’s time to “Get ready for public Exams”. The students say a topper, average and poor students prepares for a public exam on different aspects.Here we go, Never mind your previous marks. You may be in the category of topper, average or a poor student, let it be a passing cloud.

Remember “The past is over, and the future is waiting.”

Schedule a proper time table covering the easy subjects as per your desire. It is good to cover the subjects randomly in a day.

For ex:-formulas in maths and grammar in english etc…..

Analyze the question pattern for all the subjects and study accordingly. If you are a average or weak student, Your first aim should be getting a pass mark and start planning for scoring higher. Once you finish a topic, have a written practise.

Remember “One written practise is equal to 1000s of reading practise”.

Relax yourself, have fun. Don’t dump yourself like a machine. Be normal and stay cool. Have some time with your friends and go for some of your favourite hobbies.  Don’t study long at night time.Study whenever you are interested.

Repeat the practice. Once you finished the topics, revise it. It is very very important to revise the topics as you are studying different subjects. When your exam dates are getting closer, go for the revision of nearest exams.When you find ample of leave days for some exams, let it be on the schedule untouched. Last but not the last, you should take care of your health.

“To succeed in your mission, you must have single minded devotion to your goal.”

—-Dr.APJ, former president of INDIA


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