Methods to prepare yourself for the exam day

How to prepare yourself for the exam day

Challenging day for students has come – It’s the exam day

Efforts that students took all these days preparing for their exams are going to be exposed now. To perform well in exams along with these preparations, you have to prepare your mind, body and soul to face the exam day. The day before exam and exam day are the most important days that reflect your performance. You might have studied and revised yet there are still some more things to be done for improving your performance in exams.

Here are some tips for you that would help you to know what you have to do on and before the exam day:-

On the day before exam:-

Revise the subject, check for the exam venue and time, keep things which are needed for your exams ready [Hall tickets, id cards, pencil, pens (2 blue pens & 1 balck pen), eraser, sharpener, scale, etc..,], eat well, visualize positive outcome in exam, give a deep breath when you feel nervous, have a good sleep and relax yourself so that your mind and body will be fresh in the morning. Never ever study overnight, skip food and avoid sleep.

On the exam day:-

Before entering exam hall:-

Wake up early in the morning, drink milk and not any other drinks, revise for a while, get ready, have your breakfast, check the things that you need for your exams, leave your house at the earliest so that you can reach exam center on time, be at the spot atleast before an hour so that you can get time to relax yourself, never interact with the nervous students, close your books before half an hour, drink water, check your hall and seat allotments, finally calm yourself and enter the examination hall.

After entering exam hall:-

Sit calmly in the place allotted for you, don’t look others, close your eyes for sometime (either mediate or pray), read instructions properly and fill the details properly (mainly registration number), once you receive question paper in your hand read it clearly, allocate time for each question, start answering the questions that you are confident with, don’t waste your time in thinking for the answer that you have forgotten, present your answers neatly and finish your exam before 15 minutes.

Finally, recheck your answer sheets, arrange the answer sheets in order, note whether you have numbered the pages & questions and tie your answer sheets properly. Now all is done, submit your answer sheets to the invigilator and come out of exam hall confidently.

Nothing can stop you from doing your best, nothing can pull you down – as long as you start studying hard and stop fooling around. Good luck.


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