Comparison between State Board and CBSE Syllabus

Each board of education in India has its own education pattern (i.e.) it will follow different syllabus, books and exams patterns & dates. Before discussing about the difference between CBSE and State Board Syllabus, we have to know about CBSE and state board education.



Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a board for the schools under the Union Government of India. It determines the policies and curriculum for the schools in India. This standardized curriculum is mostly preferred by parents who relocate within India due to their job (Central Government).

State Board:-

State Board is a board for schools under the state Government. Each state has its own education board for determining the standard of education and examinations for the schools in that state.

Let’s now discuss about syllabus of CBSE and State Board

CBSE syllabus:-

  • In CBSE, the main focus is given to science, maths and application based subjects.
  • Mode of instruction followed in CBSE schools will be English and Hindi.
  • All central government schools have to follow guidelines of CBSE.
  • CBSE uses Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) in its grading system.
  • It gives importance to scientific methods in subjects.
  • CBSE often review and update syllabus.

State Board Syllabus:-

  • State Board gives preference to the regional language, culture, state level topics and concepts of local relevance.
  • Mode of instruction followed in state board schools will be English and regional languages.
  • Only the schools registered with the state board of particular state will follow the policies.
  • Each state has its own grading system for schools.
  • It gives importance to practical implications in subjects.
  • State Boards rarely update their syllabus and curriculum.

Both CBSE and State Board have its own pros and cons. So, students have to opt for the one according to thier preference and ability. Success does not come from the board of education but it depends on the effort of every student.


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