Impact of Social Media on Students

Social media has become popular within short span of time and today majority of students have their account in networking sites. It is considered as the best platform for exchanging knowledge and sharing views with people across the world. Students are making active presence online to share thoughts, stay in touch with friends and also to expand their networks.


Easy accessibility, instant information and response, its features and options are the major reason behind the social media attraction. But, what kind of impact does it have on students? Will it have positive impact or negative impact?  Same as any other technologies it too has its own merits and demerits… When we look at its positive impact on students, it gives new learning experience, encourage collaboration and make them digitally literate.

Social media shares knowledgeable information with students and enable them to easily interact with their tutor for clarifications. They get exposed to new ideas and learning which improve their skills for better performance. If we look at its negative impacts, the major drawback is there is no face to face to interaction, it reduces students focus on learning, retaining information as they depend highly on internet.

When students get engaged with social sites sometime it gets down their academic performance and it is quite difficult to know whether students are using the medium productively.  As I said earlier, social media has both positive and negative sides, now it’s our responsibility to teach students on its effective usages and make them tech savvy for favorable impacts.


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