How to speak English Fluently?

English is a language and not knowledge. Always have an impact that English is a funny language and there is no weird facts learning English. it is a pretty fact that English had become a fashion and a discipline in this tech world. The impact of English is wide spread in kids, students, ITians etc

As the affairs grow, we are in a need to speak English fluently to get credibility, integrity and popularity. It is the time for the zig zag crosses on your mind on how to speak English fluently?


It is  not a big deal and it is very easy and funny to speak english fluently.

No secrets:-

Understand that there is no secret to learn English and all you need is the basic understanding and the analytical skills. It needs a practice in a long run and there is no magic to get it done at minutes or seconds.

Regular practice:-

Have a regular practice. Try to speak English in your day today life i.e in office, schools etc. It is better to invite English to your home to make a better practice.

Read English newspapers. Watch English channels especially English news. Listen to podcasts. Have fun while you read, watch and learn English.This is very important to get a good progress in your practice.


As the word English goes, next comes the word Grammar. Grammar is not a big deal here and all you need is to understand the basics like noun,verb, tenses, preposition, article, vowels etc.You should know how to use it and where to use it. The basic starts with the conversation with your colleagues,friends, relatives etc

As the practice goes, start preparing yourself and speak with your friends, colleagues and relatives in English.  Never give up if you lag at times and have a regular practice to rectify your mistakes.


Practice makes a man perfect

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