Stay Positive with your 12th results


This month of MAY is really interesting and the results are getting  declared for 10th , 12th in various districts Tamilnadu, Kerela, Karnataka etc…

Now, its time for the 12th results on May 17 2016. As we hear the word, there will be high pressure balls rolling ups and down in your heart. Never get excited, frustrated and never loose your hope.


Keep in mind, this is only the first half of your life. The next goes with a bang and you have to be various serious hereafter. Never mind, you may be a topper or a looser on your 12th results. Let it be a passing cloud. Never go for faulty decision like suicide or anything else.

If you have scored good enough marks in your 12th , decide on what stream you want to be. Remember, this is the next half of your life. It’s damn sure that this is the right time to decide your career.

If you have a question on your mind like

“I have scored less marks in 12th and what can I do ?”

Here comes the answer, the colleges and universities are not opened only for the toppers. Join a college or university , become a topper. This is not the strict option to get in to academics, if you have an interest in various streams like Media, journalism etc… Go for it..Rock..Become a star.

Let things be behind, its time to wish you a good luck to all the 12th students who have been waiting for their results. Stay positive with your 12th results.

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