Social and emotional learning


We see many students having high stress level and get involved in negative behaviors as they are unable to tackle the life situations properly. In this case, it becomes essential to develop social relationships, manage emotions and improve attitude from the young age in order to lead a happy, effective and healthy life. The learning technique that helps to gain social and emotional skills that are needed for a better life is SEL.


Social and emotional learning (SEL) is a way which enables the students to learn life skills, mental skills and maintain social relationships. This is an effective process to be followed in schools as it makes learning engaging, challenging and meaningful. This kind of learning is suitable for the school students starting from pre-school to 12th standard.

Self-awareness, self-management, self-assessment, social awareness, relationship skills, responsible decision-making etc.., are the key competencies of SEL. It helps to recognize and manage one’s own emotions and others, have empathy for others, control impulses, communicate clearly and assertively, maintain cooperative relationships, make responsible decisions and solve problems effectively.

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