How to study from the beginning of the year?

Hi students,

Many schools have re-opened and other schools and colleges are yet to open. Some students will be going to the same school or college while others may be moving to other schools or colleges and some will have a different experience as you will enter a college after schooling.

How to study from the beginning of the year

Whether you are a school or college student it doesn’t matter learning from the beginning will enable you to complete the year successfully. Start the year with fresh innovative ideas and thoughts. You will meet new teachers and friends, communicate with all in a right way. Once you step into school or college, you need to analyze the syllabus, read the books, prepare checklist and blueprint and go beyond by learning through internet.

You may not understand when you read the subjects for the first time, never leave it as such but keep on reading, surf internet and get to know about the same. It’s not that you should study only after you have been taught by the teachers, you have to learn before and get some ideas and make yourself energetic. Discuss with your friends and teachers & express your thoughts about the lesson you are going to learn on daily basis. Initiate the class to make debate on the same. This will enable you to get different views from them.

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