Why can’t we go for agricultural studies?

Most of the students prefer to study engineering, medical, management and the like thinking about the opportunities in those fields. Do you know that agriculture is the largest and most diverse industry in the world? Food and land are the main resources that need to be managed properly to yield the benefit out of it. Is it possible to live without food? The answer would definitely be no. When we think about food and agriculture the first person who comes to our mind is the farmer.


In past days, there was no specific studies for agriculture, so the farmers did their work based on the advice they got from their forefathers. But for you people wide range of education opportunities available in the field of study which enables you to do agriculture in a better way using the latest techniques in order to yield a better harvest. Even the children of farmers are preferring other studies. If this prevails think what will happen in future? Will you have food to survive?

Think over it……. So why can’t we go for agriculture studies?

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